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What’s new about history?  

  • Historians often blame a 1,000 year-long mega-drought for ending the Bronze Age, but lack of rain was a symptom, not the cause.
  • Was the Bronze Age 'megadrought' caused by global warming or global cooling?  It had to be one or the other.
  • Readers can examine peer-reviewed studies by experts on subjects ranging from; volcanoes, earthquakes, warfare, glaciers, drought and even meteors.  Decide for yourself what causes Earth’s warming and cooling cycles based on historical and scientific data.
  • The Younger Dryas mini-ice age began around 10,900 BC when frozen Lake Agassiz melted and overflowed into the Atlantic Ocean.  At the same time the largest fire in human history swept across North America and parts of Europe killing all people and large animals.  What caused it?  The only worse human disaster would be the eruption of Mt Tobu and DNA 'bottleneck' theory discussed in another chapter.  Find out what happened.
  • Discover what caused the Little Ice Age (1300 - 1850 AD) and how it could happen again.
  • Who were the infamous Sea People, scourge of the late-Bronze Age?  Were they pirates or failed empire-builders?  A recently-translated Luwian stone frieze is turning history upside down.       


The Nubian Physician

The Nubian Physician is an old-fashion adventure story about a young girl who enjoyed being different.  Unfortunately, the rebellious teenager lived in Elephantine, Egypt, the most boring place in the world.  Khefra needed an escape plan, and physicians were needed everywhere.

This exciting fast-paced tale begins in the late-Bronze Age when Egypt and Hittites were the only superpowers.  Then a Luwian-Aegean coalition of Sea People destroyed the Hittites, the Mycenaean Greeks and Egypt was next.  

Meanwhile, the Egyptian royal court seethed with intrigue and treachery when a rival queen plotted to put her son on the throne of Egypt.  That's when Khefra is caught up in the infamous 'Harem Conspiracy,' and assassination of Ramses III, last of the 'Great' pharaohs.     

The young Nubian doctor was equally skilled with a sword or scalpel, and renowned for her skill with a composite-bow.  Khefra fights for Egypt's survival on both land and sea, until betrayed and sentenced to death. 

Egypt was the only place in the ancient world where women could be whatever they wanted, even pharaoh.  Wives and daughters had full legal rights.  Property was inherited through females of the family, because maternity is a matter of fact while paternity a matter of opinion.

OTHER WORKS:  Doug Mears has written articles for history magazine articles, ‘Sargon the Great: First Empire Builder,’ and 'Who fired First at Midway?'  Don't miss: The History of Climate and Disasters - Did Global Warming End the Bronze Age?

Doug Mears - Writer

(above)  Doug immerses himself in the characters of his books.  You should see him in a tutu, or maybe not.

The author is a former paratroop-medic and air defense officer, aerospace special-programs manager, inventor and retired business owner.  He now lives with his lovely wife Carrol, in southern California where both enjoy fishing and sailing on their boat, Silhouette.

(right)  Spain - another rocky drop zone with high winds, and got dragged through the dirt again.  Always a thrill.




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